Shantall Reads: The House on Mango Street

tumblr_inline_pfqlpe0Mzi1w37qe3_540Doing something new this month where I write my thoughts out as I read something. So here it is **of course not spoiler free** 

   Day One

pages 1-25


There is always that one person who with one word make you question everything you know and even make you feel ashamed of what you have and I hate this nun for doing that to Esperanza. Like she couldn’t find anything else better to do? 

Growing up I had wished my hair was as manageable as my mother’s and hoped it would curl like hers but I was blessed with my dads straight raven colored no nonsense hair 

I understand the struggle with her name, I too grew up disliking it because no one ever pronounced it right and it’s why a lot of times I just tell people to call me by my middle name Elizabeth cuz no one can mess that up. I was so tired of people butchering my name or them just saying “I’m just gonna call you Chanel or Shan or ‘Tali.” But as I grew older I realized that it is my damn name, I’m proud of it and I’m not gonna let you call me whatever you want just because you don’t want to make the effort! 

There’s always that one used store that has a bunch of things and there’s always that one thing that is never for sell!!

I used to climb trees a lot as a kid and get so many bruises I remember once getting the wind knocked outta me when I misjudged my footing uggg. But never did I break two arms like Meme.


Okay…Louie cousin, I’m going to be brutally honest, and again this is my experience and what I’ve been through, there is always that one family member that people turn a blind eye to what they have or how they get it. It just sucks that the kids were a witness to what happened or even a part of this whole experience. But that’s life I guess. 

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