October Wrap Up


So my October goal of being super active, reading lots of books and posting read alongs and thoughts as I read things…..failed.

I did read two books and a novella this month but mostly I binged Netflix things. So below the cut are the things I read, the things I binged and that things I am currently reading.  

What are you currently reading or binging ?

   Things read 


The House On Mango Street 

This was a re-read. I had read it a long time ago as a pre teen and had forgotten much of the details in it. I related so much to it a lot more this time around as an adult, which is a bit weird but I think it’s because I am a bit more self conscious about everything around me and what I do more now than I was back then when I first read it. 

The Bone Season & The Pale Dreamer

I am still stewing about how I feel about this book and it’s novella so I’ll post my thoughts on it later when I fully digest it all. 

               Things watched 


Haunters The Art Of The Scare 

You can read my thoughts about this over here

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell 

I first heard of Christine back in 2014 in an ALT magazine when she made an epic Danzing cake and a face huger cake that was just awesome. So when this popped up on my radar you bet your ass I binged it. It is a great watch for anyone. 


I am so mad at myself that I waited to see this movie this long! The trailer had captivated me a long time ago when it first came out but I had never found the time to go to watch it and I am kicking myself now for that. It was so good. 



You can read my thoughts on this over here

The Haunting of Hill House

I had this show on my watch list since I found that it was being made last year and binged it the day it came out and have no regrets whatsoever. It’s a great show on loss, grief and some ghost of course. It’s so good I convinced my husband to watch it too and I watched it again with him. 

The Hate U Give

This is a book that @teapotsonfire buddy read when it came out and it had both of us crying. There were times when I had to put the book down because of how real it was but it was a GREAT book. An amazing book that I recommend that everyone reads and to see it on the screen gave me chills and made me cry so much as well. This is also a must see movie for EVERYONE. 


The Night Come for Us 

I am a huge fan of Iko Uwais, Julie Estelle, and Zack Lee, I also love these movies that are dubbed “the descendants of The Raid.” I am a sucker for greatly choreographed fight sequences and gore. Julie has the best fight scene (in my opinion) in this movie. 

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

I binged this the day it came out in between errands and things that needed to be done. I loved the dark tone in this one besides that I’m not in love with it. I was more in love with Prudence and Sabrina’s friends and family than I was with Sabrina. There was also a lot of things that I found problematic in it and know that I will not be watching season two if there is one. 


There is not enough to say about how much I love this sequel to the original and the little nods it gave to said original. It did have a bit more grotesque kills than its predecessors but the pacing and tone through out the whole movie was awesome, along with the kick ass women in this movie. 

Currently Reading


The Kiss Quotient 

So many people have been recommending this book and saying such great things about this book and I am excited to read it.

The Eye Of The World

Yes, I still am reading this one. Don’t judge it has so much detail and information and I like to take my time to make sure that I understand things and absorb it well. I have loved everything I read so far.

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