Shantall Reads : November 9


Here we go again! Check-in time with November 9, which I actually completed. So this is more of a review of the whole thing than actual thoughts. 

Like last time, this is not spoiler free so don’t click the read more if you don’t want anything ruined for you.  If you’d like to read the first check-in that can be found here

When writing about books I like to balance out the good and bad so I’ll start with the good.  

 I really like the premise of this story, two people deciding to meet up on the same day every year to check in and talk about how they’re doing and perhaps even building a relationship along the way, it sounds great to me.  I was fine with it. I thought it would make a great premise for a story but I don’t think that it should have been used with these two specific people.

I enjoyed Fallon, she was great, she was out there living her life and doing what she could to find herself and better herself. Hell, when she was in New York she really grew out of her shell and even realized that she enjoyed teaching more than she did acting. I will not give Ben credit for that. She did that on her own. Even though he gave her ‘homework’ it was ultimately her decision to go out there and do everything she did. 

He did help her with her self-image and that’s the only thing I like about him. 

Ben was a character that I just couldn’t like or cheer for. By the time we got to his letter about why he did what he did, I really could not sympathize with it. Also, what does it mean for Fallon down the road being with a guy who out of anger of losing his mother caused the fire that almost took her life? There were some passages that really rubbed me the wrong way about Ben and his actions that really keep me from liking him and this relationship. 

I wanted to give it two stars but in the end, Fallon still ended up with him so I gave it one. 

I would’ve liked that Fallon grew from this experience and moved. I would be okay with them maybe being friends and checking in but them being in a relationship when he had lied from the very beginning and knowing that he’s the reason she almost died, just didn’t settle well with me. 

It was fast paced and I liked that it didn’t feel like I was reading just boring everyday things that could be skipped so that’s a definite plus. 

The story just didn’t feel like a love story to me and I feel bad about that because I really wanted to like it. 

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