November Wrap Up 2018

November was quite a month for me, I started it with a book I really dislike but then it continued on with book s that I am in love with.   This month I read  

  • November 9 by Collen Hoover
  • The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1) by Helen Hoang
  • The ShadowShaper series (Shadowshaper and Shadowhouse Fall ) by Daniel José Older
  • They Both Die at the End by  Adam Silvera

Before I talk about what I thought about these books, some questions. What did you guys read this November? Have you read any of the books I did? If so what did you think about them? 

November 9 by Collen Hoover

This was my first read of November and I dove into this novel with an open mind as I had heard a lot of people say good things about this story and many bad things about it. So lets start with the things I liked

I really liked the premise of two people meeting up on the same day once a year to catch up, it wasn’t something that I had seen before myself in books that I read in the past. I also enjoyed, the main character, Fallon’s growth as she moves to New York to figure out what she would like to do with her life and who she is as a person. I liked that she learned that she would rather teach than act and it was something that she enjoyed doing. I enjoyed that she was out there finding herself and I wished we had more about that and her life in New York. 

The Things I Didn’t Like

Ben.  I understand that he’s supposed to be flawed as all humans are but he had more than just flaws. He had an anger issue and was even unable to process a rejection with any common sense. I didn’t root for him at all when I read the story and even when the twist at the end comes up, I just couldn’t feel sorry for him or his anger issue. I felt like Fallon was just some prop for his redemption story and for his own self worth of feeling like he was doing the right thing. The end, which I will put below in a scroll box to avoid spoiling it for you, felt cheap and I wish it ended differently. 

SPOILER  (scroll to the right if you want to read it, if not continue on)                                 they ended up together and he was the whole reason her fathers house burned down with her in it and the reason for her scars. 

The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1) by Helen Hoang

I picked this up because pretty much everyone I knew in the book community was raving about it and I was not disappointed.   I usually break things up into things I liked and things I didn’t like but I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this book. 

I’m not a big fan of smut usually and it’s the reason I stay away from romance but in this book it was done just right. It was used as a tool to show their growth and own development and I really don’t know what else to say about this book except I absolutely love it. 

The ShadowShaper series (Shadowshaper and Shadowhouse Fall ) by Daniel José Older

This series was a part of LitCoven’s November reads and I absolutely loved it. 

Both books begin fast and whip you up into the magic that is Sierra’s life fantastically. I think what really resonated with me was the fact that I could relate to these characters and these characters felt real to me, I could see a lot of my family and friends in a lot of Sierra’s family and friends as well. 

This series was magical and it had lighthearted moments along with its serious moments.  I liked that it tactfully added in the subject of gentrification and racial issues as well. I appreciate books who can put real-world issues along with magical issues. 

It was an absolute joy for me and I can’t wait to read more things by Daniel José Older. Who I learned penned some Star Wars books as well. 

They Both Die At The End by  Adam Silvera

With a title like that, what was I expecting? I can’t really verbalize how I felt about this story or how much I enjoyed it because I did thoroughly. I cried, I laughed, I gasped.  I could relate to Mateo and he’s need to play it safe because I have too. 

To be honest I can’t talk about this book without talking about everything that happens in it and you really have to just experience it all for yourself. 

My only dislike about this book was the multiple and I do mean multiple POV’s. I usually don’t like them and I feel like they get confusing sometimes but they worked well with this story. 

What I’m Reading Next

  • These Rebel Wave by Sara Raasch
  • The Frame-Up by Meghan Scott Molin
  • The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time, #1) by Robert Jordan    (I know, I know, I’ve been reading this one for forever now. I made it my plan to finish it before the year ends so fingers crossed. ) 

What are you reading this December? 

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