Watching Wednesday : The Dark Crystal

Hello and welcome to my first ever Watching Wednesday! 

For a while I had toyed with the idea of making posts about things I’ve watched whether or not I have enjoyed them. I did one in the past and decided to start it up again. 

So, today in anticipation of Netflix’s release of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, I will talk a bit about a movie that holds a place special in my heart and childhood, The Dark Crystal. A dark fantasy adventure puppet animated movie that instilled a love in me for fantasy and adventure stories.

The movie takes place on a planet named Thra and in the first couple of minutes the movie explains to you that when a magical crystal cracked, it caused two new races to appear. The selfish greedy Skeksis’ and the kind wise Mystics. The Skeksis’ draw energy and power from the crystal on a regular basis and having heard of a prophecy in which a Gelfling, another race on the world of Thra, would be the one to make the crystal whole again, thus ending their rule,  kill all (or so they think) Gelflings on the planet. 

When the movie begins the Emperor of the Skeksis’ is dying and the Skeksis’ are battling about who will rule. Meanwhile in the clan of the Mystics, their eldest Mystics is dying as well and tells Jen, a Gelfling he raised from infancy after the Gelflings clan was murdered, that he must fulfill the prophecy and heal the crystal. 

Adventure ensues! He sets off to find the missing shard of the crystal to make it whole again. 

The thing that made me want to watch it as a child was the puppets, which were made by the Henson Production company. They were so unique, some were horrid looking, others almost human like, others gentle creatures. There was a variety of puppets in every form imaginable and the sets were wonderful.

This movie is a great small adventure movie as there is not much character development in it and there is nothing else besides the fact that the main character is just trying to fulfill this prophecy. 

So if you’re looking for great deep meaning and characters becoming something else completely, this movie does not do it. It gives some background to the world and the war that had happened but does not dive deep into its own lore, something that I hope the TV show does. 

Regardless of its lack of character building or depth, this movie is still one I watch with nostalgia and happiness. The puppets hold a place in heart forever.

Have you watched The Dark Crystal before? What did you think of it?  Are you going to be watching Netflix’s The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance?

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