I first saw Lorryn post about this readathon and was intrigued. B.U. is one of my all time favorite YouTube series/channel and knew I just needed to check it out.

This readathon is hosted by Laura at Thebookcorps and wow! The dedication that they put into this is just phenomenal. I have not participated in a readathon before but once I saw this post I knew that I had to do it.

This is a bit ambitious seeing as we are ten days into April but that’s me.

Ambitious Shantall.

It was hard picking which path I wanted to take but ultimately I chose Shane’s.

Book wise, I am on a buying ban, so I made sure to pick books that I either owned already or were easily accessible through my library. Plus I made sure that they were all already part of my TBR pile as to not add more later now. **I also doubled up on one book that fit two of the prompts.

So without further ado here is my Buzzfeed Unsolved Readathon TBR.

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